Our story

The art of storytelling is a ritual as old as time.  From cavemen sitting around the fire to friends sitting at a bar sharing drinks, we’ve all participated in a great story being told and retold again and again until it has been passed along so many times that the story eventually takes on a life of its own. It is communication in its purest form. And it is exactly how a brand makes a mark.

Details matter. They take a story from being “just the facts” and transform it into something you want to cozy up with and get to know. A good story is something personal; it stays with you and influences your decisions and can serve as a point of reference for you to go back to time and time again. But it’s not just about the story, you also need a great story teller.

Jessica’s Story

With over a decade of experience in lifestyle public relations and marketing, Jessica Mark Wohlwend brings an unparalleled mix of customized brand building, marketing, advertising and media relations to each and every account. Since starting Hit the Mark Public Relations in 2010, the agency has created global awareness for prestigious clients including Aloxxi, AmazingCosmetics, and Fred Segal to name a few.

Prior to founding Hit the Mark, she led campaigns and brought awareness to the likes of OPI, Nicole by OPI, Murad, Alterna, DuWop, the Professional Beauty Association, YogaWorks, NutriFit, NYDJ, Circle of Friends and numerous other salons, spas and boutiques.